Our family owned and operated business began in 2014 with the sale of locally grown tropical fruit trees and plants by our founder Jeffery Blackburn.  We offer a variety of avocados, mangos, lychee, mulberry, longan, coffee, and many more varieties of tropical fruit trees.  In 2017 with the retirement of his grandmother, Jeffery became partners with his father Edward.  The team continued to expand and grow the collection of fruit being offered.


In 2018 we continued with the expansion of the Plants with Pride nursery in the purchase and development of over 2 acres of land on Golden Gate Parkway in Naples, Florida.  With this purchase we have been able to expand the selection of Tropical Fruit Trees that we offer to you by increasing the selection of more than 25 varieties of avocados and over 60 varieties of mangos.  We have increased the size of tropical fruit trees that are offered by Plants with Pride ranging from the 3 gallon to 25 gallon.

plants in naples